We didn’t set out to start a brewery, we were all traveling our own paths until they came together. South of North is just that – knowing when to stray the course for something great.

Compasses will give way to intuition. Coordinates to presence.
Never worried about there, or then, or when.
Simply, here for now.

Now when you work up the courage to go, go. Don’t look back.
What lies ahead is the best to come. You’ll make it so.

Seekers Welcome.



the beer.

We encourage that you try our sampler for a full grasp of the different textures that we are creating at our taproom. We’re always trying new profiles and have something for everyone.


The outdoor beer garden.

Open year round. Rain, snow, or shine.

Closes at 10pm.


Weddings and Special Events

Let us know what you have in mind,
and we’ll work with you to make it so.

email: basecampsouthevents@gmail.com